Professional Gel Nail Polish

Professional Gel Nail Polish: the Subcategory Gel Polish Base Coat contains all the useful products in order to proceed to the Application of Nail Gel Polish. For all those who wish to consider the purchase of a complete Nail Gel Polish Kit ,we suggest to visit our page offers clicking here: Nail Gel Polish Kit

All prices include VAT.

The Professional Gel Nail Polish have 2 methods of application for Gel Polish Pics Nails allow to obtain an exceptional result:The application of the Gel Nail Polish with the use of 2 separate products, Gel Base Coatand Gel Top Coats (Base in transparent jar or pinkish / camouflage and Top) or the use of Clear Gel nail Polish (Base and Top all together, 2 in 1)for this defined a product all in one or monophasic.

Our suggestion is to approach the Clear Gel Nail Polish system if you will, in addition to save money, have the possibility to manage your product easily with the use of traditional brush included in the package. The convenience of this product also occurs mainly in only having to worry about owning a product instead of several.

Instead we suggest the use of the separate system Base Coat and Top Coat to all those who already have a good manual with brushes (as with Gel); the use allows a better management of the product and therefore better results.

The will to create 2 different formulas was generated by the wish to offer the possibility of using the product to both hobbyists and / or housewives customers that professional nail technicians or Beauticians.

Of course the choice of one or the other Professional Gel Nail Polish system is totally subjective and is also why the use of Gel Nail Polish Pics Nails is proving so successful.

The sealing performance and gloss between the 2 systems are slightly different however ensuring both a seal and a unique gloss for more than 2 weeks!

We mention in this regard many cases of customers of our affiliated salons, which bear witness to a durability even for more than 25 days!

For all those who want to have the product with the best characteristics, we suggest the Separate Gel Base Coat and Gel Top Coat, by studies carried out in our Pics Nails Salons emerged to give the best results of 10/15% in terms of tightness and shine.