Nail Art Decorations

Nail Art Decorations

The Nail Art Decorations Pics Nails can be used as a special gel, Underglass, Individual or with other methods to your imagination:

Nail Decorations Special Gel:

A valuable mixture of decorative elements, also can be mixed together with Glitter powders and the Builder Gel, in a suitable glass, to donate a three-dimensional effect to the decorated nail, offering an effect of unequal positioning in all the nails. The possibility of application become practically infinite but among the most known and used are: Decorations in French, Decorations in French on the side or Decorations of the entire nail.

Underglass Nail Decorations:

A peculiar procedure for decorating the professional nail, developed with a selection of decorative elements that applied neatly on a veil of fresh Builder Gel ,gives a neat and well organized finished look making the nail decoration highly professional. With this procedure of application you can manage items individually so as to be a ble to create any form of combinable fantasy, playing on different levels, with free hand Nail Art Decorations directly over the final sealant layer.

Single Nail Decorations on the Natural Nail:

The application of single decorative elements are carried out with the use of a droplet of Glue for Tips directly on the natural nail thus allowing you to be able to decorate in a short time the nail with imagination. In order to increase the sealing of the decorative element we suggest to finish with a top coat or Shiny Effect Pics Nails Polish layered directly ontop of the decoration itself.

Single Nail Decorations on Rebuilt Nails or on Gel Polish:

The use of single decorative elements in the procedures of Nail decoration or during the application of Gel Polish, allows you to be able to manage independently the position of the decoration itself, improving the visual appearance and giving, in addition, the possibility of being able to hide any imperfections of the underlying nail decorating it considerably. This procedure, in the case of a Rebuilt Nail, the decoration is placed directly on a thin layer of Builder Gel needing then to be sealed with the homonymous Sealing Gel product. In the same way, in the case of nails with Gel Polishl you can apply on a thin layer of Gel Polish base or with the aid of the Nail Glue and then subsequently sealed with Gel Polish Top.

In order to be able to see the detail of the products click on the photo of the decorations you are interested in; if you want to look into, buy and display the whole category of products and decorations for nails available Visit our page of the online shop by clicking here Nail Decorations.

Nail Decorations and Nail Art have now really won everyone!

Pics Nails in its long and continuous research of the materials for the professional decoration of nails, is able to offer the widest selection of adornments and decorations present on the market. The decorations available were carefully chosen and selected amongst the best suppliers at international level allowing always to have a preview of all shapes and colours available. From the more classic decoration forms, cylindrical or spherical to timeless sober colours, we have added some holographic colours with new rhomboid shapes or with iridescence in order for your nails to be able to appear ever more beautiful, whether they are Rebuilt or Natural.