Nail Prep - Nail Preparer 12 ml

Nail Prep - Nail Preparer 12 ml

Nail Prep also known as Nail Dehydrator or Nail Preparer, is a Degreaser which is used to gently dehydrate the natural nail before the application of the Traditional Gel Nail Polish, the One Step Gel Polish, the Uv Gel for the Nails Extension or the Acrylic.

12 ml Package

Its function is accurately degreasing the Nail Surface removing any oily trace present on it. The Nail Prep Preparer Liquid which is highly indicated for "problematic" nails, that need an extra help to improve the adhesion of the Products of Nails Extension or Gel Nail Polish.

The Nail Prep dries to air in really few seconds (about 30).

How to apply the Nail Prep?

After having prepared the Natural Nail, which means Matted with the Stone Nail File for Preparation and degreased with the Nail Cleaner, we soak a handle of Cotton Pads in the Nail Prep and we cleanse the whole Nail Surface without neglecting the Cuticles area. Wait for a few seconds the evaporation of the product.
We proceed with the Application of the Nail Primer, that needs a few extra seconds to completely evaporate and then we continue with the normal steps of the Nails Extension.

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