Nail Center and Shops Inaugurations

Pics Nails has wanted to dedicate a precise space to its Nail Center and Shops Inaugurations:many occasions, that animated the Company over the years, by captivating customers, friends and fans throughout Italy!
In this space we wanted to gather exactly the articles with which we invited you to an event, told about a new goal or shared with you emotions and stories!

Pics Nails Guspini Inauguration!

Pics Nails Guspini Inauguration

A new Nail Salon Pics Nails in Guspini: here is another news for this 2015! In this Nail News all the useful details and info about the Inauguration of the new Nail Salon Pics Nails in Sardinia!

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Pics Nails Sanluri Inauguration!

Pics Nails Sanluri Inauguration

Pics Nails announces the birth of the New Nail Salon in Sanluri, in Sardinia! A new reference point for who looks for Professional Services and Nail Supplies!

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Pics Nails Tortolì Inauguration!

Pics Nails Tortolì Inauguration

Pics Nails arrives in Tortolì, with a new Affiliated Nail Salon in Sardinia: in this dedicated News all the details about the Inauguration Event!

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