Glitter Gel Nails

The Glitter Gel Nails Pics Nails are available in many different shades and colours, all characterized by their unique glittery composition able to give your work an extraordinary luster and a unique colour effect of great aesthetic value.

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The glitter gel nails Pics Nails are decorative professional, photo-curing of medium viscosity, used by the best professionals in Nails Extension and Overlay.

They are Flexible products, which adapt easily to any type of natural or rebuilt nail, whether working with French, or in the creation of original Nail Art and Professional Decorations : the Glittered Gel Pics Nails ensure always a surprising and explosive finish!

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Here Some of our Gels and Effects for Nails

Gel Nails Color Brown 75

Gel Nails Color Brown 75

Gel Nail Color specific for Nails extension, chracterised by a medium viscosity and an excellent adhesion on the nail. This Gel Nails Color can be used on all types of nails and makings, also combined with other brands’ Gel Nail Extension....