Nail Foil

Nail Foil is a Category of the Pics Nails Catalog Online dedicated to the Nails Decoration: Professional Nail Art Supplies, in line with the last trends of the sector and very requested from our customers.

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Nail Foil for Nail Art: 2016 begins with a great News for the Nails Decoration Section of the Pics Nails Catalog Online!
In order to answer to the increasingly precise requests of our customers and to the desire of always offering you a wide choice of current Nail Supplies and in line with the most current trends of the Nails Sector, it is our pleasure to present you the New Nail Foil for Nail Art, decorations characterised by the ease of use and by their astonishing effect.

Nail Foil: What is it?
The term Nail Foil means specific Nails Decorations: very thin and practical decorative laminate sheets to apply on the Nail Surface (whether Natural or Extended) to give life to very particular Nail Art with endless possibilities, obtaining in this way a finish that is always different and original, difficult to realise with other Nail Decorations or Traditional Nail Art Polishes.

The different patterns and colors available, moreover, allow to be able to choose the most suitable one for our needs and aesthetic taste, thus obtaining a Nail Art which is perfect for our desires and for the current Nails Fashion!

Nail Foil: How to Apply it?
The Application of the Nail Foil is extremely easy and quick, thus allowing every woman to be able to decorate her own nails also indipendently at home!

This particular Nail Decoration, in fact, has to be applied on the nail (on the entire nail surface or on a part, according to the desired effect) with the aid of a Nail Foil Glue Specific for the Application or with a Specific Gel Nails, both able to perfectly make adhere the Decoration on the nail surface.

Nail Foil: Synthesis of Use.
Below a convenient Synthesis of Use of the Nail Foil: a step by step accompanied by the photos of each working phase.

  • We begin the realisation of the Nail Art Matting the Seal of our work with the ais of a Nail File or a Nail Buffer, even before making adhere the Glue (Photo1);
  • We Use the Specific Nail Foil Glue, that will be able to effectively make adhere the Decoration on our Nail Surface (Photo2);
  • We apply the Nail Foil Glue on our nail surface uniformly or in an irregular way, according to the final effect that we desire to obtain (Photo3); at this point, we leave it dry to air for about 30 seconds;
  • We cut our Nail Foil that we want to use for our Nail Art (Photo4);
  • We place our cutting of Nail Foil on the nail surface and we leave it adhere for a few seconds (Photo5);
  • We remove the Nail Foil from the nail surface: we proceed with a determined movement, from the tip of the nail toward the hand of our Customer (Photo6);
  • Once removed the thin laminate sheet, we will see that the Nail Foil has adhered on the Glue (Photo7);
  • Arrived at this point, all that remain is to finish by Sealing our work;
  • Here is our Nail Art with Nail Foil: an original and impeccable finish! (Photo8)