Gel Nail Polish Remover 100 ml

Gel Nail Polish Remover 100 ml

Gel Nail Polish Remover Soak off gel : Liquid characterised by an innovative formula specific to dissolve and remove Gel Nail Polish Soak off gel from the nails. How to remove the Gel Nail Polish : INSTRUCTIONS: Remove the shiny layer of the Soak off Top Gel with a buffer or a file with fine grit 240. This procedure is useful in order to make penetrate the Remover Soak off and facilitate the lifting of the gel from the natural nail. Then pour the liquid in a glass (for every single finger) or in a manicure bowl (for working on all 5 nails simultaneously) and leave act for about 2/3 minutes. Then try to detach the gel from the nail with a manicure tool or Wooden Cuticle Pusher. If the gel is not lifting with simplicity, do not try to force but immerse again the nail for a few more minutes in the Gel Nail Polish Remover. After the removal of the Gel Nail Polish from the nail, polish the natural surface with a polishing file and apply the instantaneous Calcium reinforcing on the natural nail and a drop of oil for cuticles to hydrate and keep in order the cuticles. Product Package: a 100 ml Bottle Watch the Gel Nail Polish Application Video Soak off gel Visit also our News dedicated to Gel Nail Polish Soak off gel where we compare the different types of service. Soon there will be a video with the removal procedure of the Gel Nail Polish Soak off gel analyzed above.

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The Gel Nail Polish Removal Tutorial was born from the idea of the Pics Nails Staff of creating an extremely clear and complete Free Guide to show the readers every necessary step and product to correctly Remove with safety the Gel Nail Polish!

Each step is accompanied by photos and taglines that explain with simplicity every working step, guiding you in a free and educative training path!