Nail Files

Nail Files and Block Buffers or Abrasives of all the Grains for all the work on nails of hands and feet. Click on the Pictures, Browse the Complete Photographic Gallery and Buy choosing among the numerous models of Files for Manicure and Pedicure that we deal with in our Online Catalog.

Nail Files are the necessary tool for all the works of Extension and not, of nails. The choice, as well as the use, vary according to the experience and the skills in the different techniques used. (Professional Nail Files and not.)

Pics Nails proposes you different types of Nail Files composed by different materials, organized in different sizes (Straight Nail Files, Jumbo Nail Files, Half Moon Nail Files, Curved Nail Files...) and characterised by the shape, color, thickness and roughness of the surface that covers them.
All the nail files are accompanied by a number that specifies their Grit, that is “The Index of roughness of a Nail File”. If the number is higher, the grit will be thinner; if the number is lower, the grit will be thicker.

Nail Files divide in subcategories:

  • Curved Nail Files, also called Banana or Boomerang;
  • Straight Nail Files;
  • Half Moon Nail Files, also called Jumbo, that recently appeared as next-generation nail files, that enclose physical characteristics both of the straight that curved nail file.
Nail Files in professional nail use

Curved Nail Files:

Their use is indicated during the Nails Extension for the filling of the cuticle area, but also to create the perfect C curve and to soften the nail sides previously filled (if there were the so-called "precipices").
Also the way we hold the Nail File is important, in fact we can say that the grip of the Nail File called "Cigarette", for the inline to give to the Nail File itself, is among the most important. It consists of creating an angle between the Nail File and the Nail of about 30° and never go beyond the 45°.

This incline is of fundamental importance and it has to be used with care during the filling, because there is a risk of slimming too much the edges, making them precarious.
Our line includes 3 models: Curved Nail File Zebra Grit 100-180, Curved Nail File White Grit 100-180, Curved Nail File Black Grit 100-180

Nail File Grip grit for manicure and pedicure nailfile

Straight Nail Files:

They are necessary both for the filling of lengths of nails, whether Natural or Extended Nails, that for the creation of the shape (round, oval, square).
Straight Nail Files are available in different types and materials such as: wood, plastic, glass and metal...for all the nail types!

As for the curved nail files, also the Straight Nail Files have an ideal grip, whether it is their material: in order to use them properly and with safety, we hold the nail file by one extremity, with the thumb on one side and the index and middle fingers on the other.

Metal Nail Files are indicated for strong natural nails of medium length, that need a strong filling with a nail file that is not very flexible and of medium grit. It can be easily washed and disinfected, and then dried with care.

Wooden Nail Files are suitable for all nails kinds, especially the thinnest and most fragile ones. In fact wooden nail files are very flexible and they well follow the nail movement; they exist with different grits: we recommend the thinnest one (120/120 or 100/100) for the most fragile nails, the thickest one for the others (100/100 or 80/80). Being in wood, this nail file can not be washed, so it has to be considered as a personal nail file.

Glass Nail Files are defined endless because it is difficult to consume them; the only negative aspect are the hits because they could irreparably damage them. The grit is very thin and then this nail file is suitable to all nail types. It can be washed.

Plastic Nail Files are the classic Files for nails extension that can be washed and disinfected, with different grit types for the different uses. Straight Nail File White Grit 80/80; Straight Nail File Black Grit 80/100; Straight Nail File Black Grit 80/80; Straight Nail File Zebra Grit 100/180; Jumbo Nail File Girt 100/180;

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