Gel Nail Polish Kit

The idea of collecting on a page of our online shop different Gel Nail Polish Kits was born from the desire to offer a selection of the most important products, have already been defined and selected by our professional Nail Technicians to guarantee you right away so everything it needs to start your work and not risk ordering products not required to apply the Gel Nail Polish.

All prices include VAT.

The advantages that distinguish the purchase of a Gel Nail Polish Kit are many, among them surely we can boast a special price compared to purchasing the single products in their respective categories (see the link to the page of the product and to the color that you can find at the bottom of page); the discount recognized for each Gel Nail Polish Kit, in fact, is equivalent to -15% compared to the purchase price of the individual products.

In addition, the guaranteed savings is also in the running time of the order: it will only take a few clicks to complete successfully and quickly your process.

Gel Nail Polish Kits created by Pics Nails include various types, designed to meet every need and every degree of experience: Gel Nail Polish Starter Kit , Gel Nail Polish Kit, Professional Gel Nail Polish Kit , different combinations of products, all available with or without a UV/LED Nail lamp !

All kits are also available with or without Beauty, for a professional package and really complete with all accessories.If you wish to buy the products of the category Gel Polish singly you can do it by visiting the section Gel Nail Polish clicking here: Gel Nail Polish Products.

Create different combinations of kits by selecting the category you like :

Here below the video of Master Pics Nails Giovanna Mary Fadda, with the explanation procedures of Gel Nail Polish;