Nail Brushes

Nail Brushes for Nail Extension and Overlays Pics Nails, Indespensible worktools for the hobbyist or professional who works in the Nail sector!

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Gel Nail Brushes to coat Gel Nails are used in all the different making phases in the procedures of Professional Nails Extension, from the creation of the overlay up to the step of sealing of the work You have done.

The different characteristics, in terms of sizes, cut and composition of the bristles, allow that every Nails Extension Brush lends itself to your work, by optimising every passage and making step.

Meanwhile the Nail Art Brushes can used to decorate and create unique and wonderful Nail Art.

Gel Nail Brushes

Gel Nail Brushes

Gel Nail Brushes for Nail Extension and Overlays proposed by Pics Nails: different models to satisfy any need and to work with precision and professionality

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