Nail Polish Rack and Containers

Nail Polish Rack and Containers is the space of the Pics Nails Catalog reserved to exhibitors and containers designed to hold and expose with professionalism your nails products and nails tools into your Salon or your workspace!

All prices include VAT.

Pics Nails proposes to its customers Nail Polish Rack and Containers designed and manufactured with care and attention in order to be able to contain Nail brushes, Nail files, Nail Tips, Tools and Products used every day by Nail Technicians and Nail Passionate for their nail care.

Nail Polish Set and File Set, Brushes and Liquids Holder, Liquid Dispenser, are therefore specific items for those who work in the Nail Industry, allowing them to expose their products in a professional manner and suitable for a nails center or to your cosmetic salon!

Set and Containers are also increasingly a great nail Marketing Tool too, to grow professionally and economically, showing to your customers a wide choice of products, processes and treated articles in your nails Center!