Nail Drill

Nail Drill Pics Nails: professional equipment used to facilitate certain phases during the procedures for Manicure, Pedicure and Nail Extension and Overlay(both in Gel and Acrylic).

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Nail Drill are commonly used by professionals of the sector for the removal of the Gel System or the Acrylic Nails, for work on the excess gel created in the phases of application and creation of the convex shape to the nail also to facilitate the final filings and refine the frontal view of the rebuilt Nail.

The selection of Nail Drill Pics Nails differ in technical characteristics, colour, power, number of drill rotations and price, thus offering the possibility to buy for both professionals (Manicuriste, Pedicuriste , Nail Technicians, or Beauticians) and for customer Hobbyists.

Also called " Nail Drills" , "Electric Files" and "Nail Machine ", the Nail Drill are equipped with a rotating head (on which one secures the bit more suitable for the type of work ones need) and a micromotor that will allow you to adjust the speed and the direction of rotation of Your Professional Nail File.

For all those who wish to increase knowledge in relation to the Electric Nail Files we suggest you download our Guide to buying an Electric Nail File.

Nail Drill Bits

Nail Drill Bits

Nail Drill Bits is the category dedicated to the Drill Bits for your Professional Nail Drill!

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