Nail Dust Collector

Nail Dust Collector is the space of the Pics Nails Online Catalog dedicated to one of the most important elements for a Nails Center!

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Professional Nail Dust Collectors Produced in Italy....Guaranteed Quality and Safety

Nail Dust Collector is a very important working tool for who has its own professional business in the Nails sector: it is, in fact, a Dust Collector necessary to remove (collect) filling remains and other residues - from the workstation - that are normally created during the different working phases during Nails Extension.

Nail Dust Collectors then are among the Nail Equipment that cannot lack in our workstation, to prevent the customer and also the nail technician by breathing an excessive amount of material and powder generated by the work.

Why should I buy a Professional Nail Dust Collector?

After years of experience, we preferred to invest on safety and professionalism, relying on this solution of products entirely Made In Italy, Chose to offer you the Best of the Nail Dust Collectors you could find. This Line of Nail Dust Collectors is of High Quality and offers Efficiency and Durability for the Nail Dust Collectors.

Nail Dust Collector Functions

It quickly and effectively collects the powders generated during a session with the customer; it is important to work with professionalism, comfort and the maximum precision; the Nail Dust Collector, put on the Manicure and Nails Extension table, has an aesthetically discreet presence and an extremely effective function.

Nail Dust Aspiration and Hygiene

By activating the Professional Nail Dust Collector during the session, in fact, will be possible to immediately collect every remaining, avoiding the presence of powder on Nails and its dissemination in the surrounding medium.