Gel Polish

Gel Polish - Gel Soak Off Pics Nails arises from the constant research of our cosmetic laboratories and from the daily work of our Nail Technicians in our Nail Centers Affiliates.

Have you always dreamed of having hands in order for weeks, but in a more simple and long-lasting way?

Do you want healthy and beautiful nails , without affecting their natural surface?

You have little time available to dedicate to the care of your hands, but you do not want to give up perfect nails?

Pics Nails has found for you the perfect solution, whatever your level of experience: Gel Polish - Gel Soak Off Pics Nails!

Gel Polish : What is it?

A photocuring product in Gel, Semipermanent Polish - often called Gel Polish – is a real revolution in the world of nails.

  • Easy to apply
  • Quick to remove
  • Surprising resistance and gloss for over 15 days

...for a finish comparable to Reconstruction Nails in Gel!

Its characteristics make it a unique product, a perfect compromise between a

normal Nail Polish and a Builder Nail Gel but keeping the best properties of both.

It's true! Gel Polish Pics Nails comes as a Gel and is applied like a normal Nail Polish.

Gel Polish : How is it Applied?

The answer has never been easier!

It takes only 20 minutes to do...for a new result and great effect for your hands and those of your customers!

Unlike a normal Nail Polish, Gel Polish is a photocuring product and needs exposure to the rays of a Professional UV lamp to dry and cure perfectly on the natural nail, ensuring incredibile durability and resistance.


Gel Polish Removal: The Real Innovation!

Even the removal of Gel Polish Pics Nails is a novelty: it eliminates by soaking your nails in a special liquid – called Nail Polish Remover -for just 5 minutes!

  • Quick
  • Easy
  • Innovative

Once the soaking time has concluded,the Gel Polish can be removed by simply lifting it with the aid of on Orangewood stick: the effective action of the Remover liquid allows the product to soften and melt ,then it can be lifted away like a thin film without the use of other tools!

Gel Polish : How it it Presented?

Pics Nails colours and sizes!Pics Nails has thought of all of you:are you a specialized professional or an enthusiastic novice? We have a product to suit your needs! Pics Nails' continuous research has lead to the creation of 2 lines of Gel Polish Colors:

  1. Gel Polish in a Gel consistency of medium thickness in a 14 handy jar of 5ml.
  2. Gel Polish of low viscosity and moderately liquid available in a bottle of 10ml.

Both product lines retain all the features and advantages that make Gel Polish, a revolutionary product.:

  • Self-leveling.
  • Easy and quick during the Application and Removal stages.
  • Strength and Gloss unparalleled FOR MORE THAN 15 DAYS!

Gel Polish Pics Nails is available in 100 FANTASTIC COLOURS!

Methods of Gel Polish

Original Gel Base Coat + Gel Polish Top method : The procedure used by the professional Nail Technicians in all the Pics Nails Salons. This type of procedure includes all the characteristics necessary to give your nails an extraordinary final gloss and maximum resistance to treatment:

  • good flow of the product.
  • extreme adhesion to the natural nail.
  • uniformity and layout of colour.
  • perfect thickness layer.

Choosing the Original Gel Polish Method Base + Top you can assure a medium / low difficulty in the application stage, a surprising strength and, not least, a simple and rapid removal of the product.

Gel Polish Mono Clear Base + Top Method ... IN ONE PRODUCT!

Gel Polish perfect for all those seeking the convenience of a single product: a single flask, equipped with integrated brush, for ease and speed in the early stages of application of the product, which is applied like a normal nail polish!

Both methods proposed, either the Gel Polish Base + Top or Gel Polish Mono Clear , guarantee a finished work of high quality and professionally valid ... the choice is yours!

Gel Polish, Gel for nails and Nail Polish Traditional: 3 compared methods.

A new Technical Card Pics Nails, designed and realized by the Staff Pics Nails to better synthesize and with extreme clarity the peculiarities and differences between the Gel Polish and the 2 other working methods done at our Salons:

  • Gel Nails Extension;
  • Tradizional Nail Polish;

What are the characteristics of these 3 different products for nail, their procedures and times of application? What are the products and equipment necessary for a correct and professional application and removal? How many colours are available in the Online Catalogue Pics Nails?

These and many other indications, but not only…Pics Nails wanted to indicate in this practice card even the difficulty of use and final gloss, assigning to each of them a score from 1 to 10. A simple and straightforward way to provide you with some useful indication to do your job or indulge your passion for the sector nails!

Simply click on the image to download a free card in pdf format in order to save on your pc and consult it every time you want!

Gel Poilsh: A new line of Gel Polish is born 3 in 1 One Step!

The Catalogue Pics Nails continues to grow being enriched by new professional products, as the new lineof One Step Gel Polish 3 in 1!

A revolutionary product, capable of guaranteeing an excellent durability and an incredible luster without the use either of the Gel Polish Base nor the Sealant Top, without even the need to degrease after the catalysing of the Sealant as we would with the Normal Gel Polish!

A product really innovative, which reduces even further the times of application and removal and allows to obtain a satisfactory finish with simplicity and maximum rapidity, enclosing in itself 3 products.

18 Fashion colours nails are available in the section of our Online catalogue dedicated to the Line Gel Polish 3in1 Pics Nails! The rught information for those who want to know more about the Professional Nail Products Pics Nails, discovering details, curiosities and useful information for their correct use! In-depth information pages dedicated to our product lines: Decorations Nails, Gel Nails, Gel Glitter, traditional Nail Polish and much more, to be always updated and know the benefits and the use of products with high quality standards as those signed Pics Nails!

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