Acrygel - Acrylic Gel for Nails

Acrygel an innovative system born as a cross between Gel and Acrylic.

Acrygel, Acrigel, Polygel or Acrylic Nail Gel is considered a hybrid in the nail reconstruction product category, combining the properties of the gel method with those of acrylic. Easy to apply, comfortable to work, extremely resistant, durable, it has a natural final effect. Also suitable for beginners, thanks to the compactness of the product that avoids sagging and facilitates shaping.

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Acrigel is the latest addition to the Nails sector, a single product with the positive characteristics of the two main nail reconstruction methods: Gel and Acrylic.

Acrygel has numerous advantages:

  • Gives nails a natural and subtle finish,

  • Very high viscosity does not drip and is easily modeled like acrylic

  • Catalyzes in the lamp like a gel (Uv and Led)

  • Needs little filing and produces very little dust

  • Ultra Resistant