Nail Art Brushes

Nail Art Brushes is dedicated to all the professional Brushes of the line Pics Nails specific for Nail decorations whether on natural or rebuilt nails.

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The Nail Art Brushes have some unique characteristics: their particular bristles, for example, which allow to realise decoration Designs with extreme precision.
Pics Nails Nail Art Brushes are able to satisfy all the Nail Artists who desire to choose and use Professional Nail Art or Micro Painting Brushes.

This category contains a Selection of the main Tools for Nail Art among which we find many and different types of Nail Art Brushes, including the Kit of Brushes with Long Bristles , perfect to Create long Lines or Incredible Decorations.

There are New Nail Art Brushes in Silicone: the main advantage is how easy it is to wash. In fact, thanks to its material, used in the Decoration phases will be easily removed with a simple Nail Brushes Cleaner. The Brush in silicone offers moreover a shape ideal to create many designs on Nails thanks to its Tip Template that can be perfectly used to give life to fantastic Nail Art and Effects; if used properly, they are extremely precise and worthy of a Perfect Decoration.