Nail Buffer Block and File

Nail Buffer Block and Files proposed by Pics Nails are fundamental tools of work for those who work in the nails Sector and want to always obtain an impeccable and professional finish!

All prices include VAT.

With the Nail Buffer Block and Files proposed by Pics Nails your workstation will be really complete!

The Shinning Nails Files and Nails buffers (said even Snow Block), in fact, are precious allies in the definition of the last touch of your work or to delete with simplicity and rapidity the filings residues are used in various ways:

  • Nails Buffers are used mainly for dulling the nail or to remove any Nail Polish remnants;
  • Shinning Nails Files and polishing buffer are used to polish the nail or a Gel Nails work just finished;

All files and polishing buffer have different shape varying from the common form of rectangular buffer up to that pyramidal a particular polishing buffer. The various Nails Files and Buffer forms present in the catalog, help ensure effective grip and convenient for any person who try to use them!