Warranties on the Nail Supplies Purchase

In this page you will find all the useful information about the Warranties provided by Pics Nails on the purchase of our Professional Nail Supplies from the Dedicated Online Shop!

Buy Nails Supplies Online: How to Order

Buy Nails Supplies Online: How to Order

Buy Nails Supplies Online it's the the informative page created to give how to order and accompany during the Nail Supplies purchase comfortably from Online Nail Shop

Right of Withdrawal

The customer wishing to exercise the right of withdrawal, as provided by L. D. 15 January 1992 n 50, must contact us by phone or by mail and wait for our validation of the operation and then send, within 10 (ten) days from the date of reception of the product, the object by attaching a copy of the model previously completed which can be downloaded below.

IMPORTANT: We will not accept returned goods presenting tampering and/or damages caused by the incorrect use of the same or the packaging of which was not perfectly intact and sealed. Otherwise, it will not be possible to carry out the restitution of the goods. The right of withdrawal is not provided for purchases made by companies and/or professionals with VAT.

Defective Products

The Nail Supplies that prove to be defective and/or with production malfunctions will be replaced without expenditure from the customer, with the same procedures used for the right of withdrawal above exposed.

Reimbursement of the Consideration

The Reimbursement of the Consideration refers only to the price of the product, therefore will not be included nor the transport costs (delivery and restitution), or the Bank rights and/or of Cash on Delivery potentially incurred by the customer. The balance of any refund will be made within 30 (thirty) days from the reception of the returned goods, through regular credit note headed to the customer.

Damaged goods by transport

If you receive a parcel that present tampering and/or breakages and/or perforations or considerable please do not get the parcel by the delivery man and contact us immediately. If you really need anyway to have the goods that are contained in the parcel with exterior damages, it is advisable to get with goods unchecked the parcel by adding the lettering "Collection with Goods Unchecked" in the receipt to sign to the courier; thereafter inform us as soon as possible of the consistency of the damage.

If you have noticed, once you normally have collected the parcel, of any malfunction of the products caused by a bad management of the parcel during its transportation, unfortunately, you will no longer have any rights of reimbursement on the express courier and we will not be able to refund you the damage, not even in part.

Some rules of the different procedures listed above:

  • It won’t be accepted any withdrawal if not previously authorized by telephone from the Pics Nails direction;
  • The right of withdrawal is not applied to used cosmetic products and/or products not sealed;
  • the right of withdrawal cannot be granted to companies (purchase with vat);
  • The product must be in perfect conditions, intact, perfectly functioning, resalable and returned in its original packaging;
  • The product must be carefully packed, with intact seals, without any tampering and/or damage;
  • In the case of the right of withdrawal, the shipping costs and of the possible packaging for restitution of the product to the Pics Nails warehouse are borne by the customer;
  • The shipping of the product has to arrive in our warehouse within 10 Days from the date of the telephone request and the assignment of the return authorisation code assigned (otherwise, the shipping will be rejected and returned to the sender);
  • The right of withdrawal is not applied to products received in the warehouse for over ten working days;
  • The product with evident defects and/or manufacture disablements will be refunded only in the case it’s not been ten days from the date of purchase. In all other cases, once received in our offices, it will delivered to specialised technicians for its repair. (If the repair time should exceed 30 working days, Pics Nails will directly provide for the replacement of the product);
  • The shipping and repair/replacement costs of the appliance in the cases in the previous paragraph will be totally free and borne by Pics Nails. In the case it may prove, during repair operations, that the actual culpability of the occurrence of the malfunction of the appliance has been caused by the customer, Pics Nails reserves the right to request any damages and expenses funded for the operation.

For any further information on the subject, please contact us.

Operating Details:

Send the goods to the address at the end: Pics Nails, Regione Ungias Galantè, Via Dei Fabbri, 07041 Alghero (SS), Italy

  • Do not write anything on the original packaging of any product: voluminous packages will be packed with wrapping paper, small products will be placed in cardboard boxes, everything to prevent any damages from transport with possible penalties;
  • Upon arrival of the goods at our stores, the parcel will be examined by our staff and in the case in which it shows evident deficiencies in terms of packaging, our staff will have the right to reject the package to the sender;
  • If inside the package should be missing some part or accessory forming part of the product itself, our company reserves the possibility to be able to apply a penalty to any refund equal to 50 % of the total amount.

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