Metallic Gel Nails

A section dedicated to the line of Metallic Gel Nails Pics Nails, produced by a particular and unmistakable chromatic”metallized"composition , for Nails with an incredibly original and perfect finish!

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Metallic Gel Nails (Metal Gel): a wide range of colours and a unique metallic effect! The Metal Gel Pics Nails are professional nail products, for impeccable and original Rebuilt Nails !

The Gel Nail Metal Pics Nails will allow you always to get fashionable Nail Art, Nail Coatings, Nail Extensioin and Overlay.These Gel are characterized by their high covering allowing quick and easy application as well as for their extraordinary Metallic effect!

The Metal Gel and the Metallic effect will give your nails an incredible shine and a touch of professionalism to each of your creations, allowing your work tobe recognized and distinguished within a thousand!

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