Lace Nails

Lace Nails is one of the most original and feminine Pics Nails Decorations: real Lace, to apply on Nails in the works in Gel, for the realization of elegant and stylish Nail Arts of striking appearance !

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Nails Decoration with Underglass Technique

Easy to apply, the Lace Nails presents extremely soft and it easily adapts to the nail curve, enriching your works.

Lace Nails - known also as Lace for Nail Art - is one of the most particular and feminine Nail Art Decorations proposed by Pics Nails and chosen by many women who desire giving their creations a touch of elegance and creativity, with all the safety and the quality guaranteed by the Nail Supplies branded Pics Nails!

Black Lace Nail Art

Used in the works of Nails Extension and/or Gel Nails Extension, in fact, the Lace Nails embellishes your Nail Art creating a very particular effect, also combined to other Nail Decorations in a game of decorations and decorations of great visual impact!
The Lace Nails for Nail Art Pics Nails is available, moreover, in different fashion colors, to allow you to always find the most suitable for the creation of your dreams!

Lace Nail Art

Lace Nail Art

Lace Nail Art, for feminine and original hands. One of the Nail Designs of the Pics Nails Gallery to give you many useful ideas for your Works!