Nail Art Polish

Nail Art Polish: indispensible Nail Art Products for your workstation.Incredible nuances and very fine brushes for professional and extremely precise Nail Art!

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Nail Art Polish (also called Decoration Polish) are available in different colours, shades as common as black and white, perfect in every occasion, to those Metallic and Neon, useful for the creation of Nail Art or French with an unmistakable gloss.

Just as the painter cannot draw without its set of tempera paints, each clever Nail Artist canot do without its Nail Art Polishes with their thin tips to release creativity and fantasy, giving life to real works of art...on Nails!

The application of the Nail Art Polish is very simple and fast: its integrated, compact and extremely thin brush, ensures a precise and professional work, its composition ensures quick drying times for a really perfect job!

To discover some of the best Nail Art realized from our Pics Nails Nail Technicians with the use of the Nail Art Polishes, take a look at the photos in our Photo Gallery.