Nail Art Strass

Nail Art Strass is the category of our Online Catalogue Pics Nails where you can find a rich range of Rhinestone Nails offered for your Nail Art. Small Nail Decorations able to give your creations an even more incredible luster and touch of originality!

All prices include VAT.

Nail Art Strass Pics Nails are small and precious Nail Decorations for your Professional Nail Art: Rhinestones available in a rich range of colours, shapes and sizes!

The Strass, available in practical wheels, are the ideal choice for those who want to embellish their own creations with a decoration capable of giving light and originality to each work, from the more simple Nail Art to those more rich and complex, both on Natural Nails that those Rebuilt!

Square Nail Strass, Round, Navette, Drop, Comma and much more to offer each of you the ability to personalize your Nail Art with Professional and always different Nail Strass!