Thermogel Nails

Thermogel Nails are a novelty to the Gel Nail System sector,the special feature of the Thermogel, also known as Color Changing Gels, is to offer a gradual shade of colour between the protruding nail from the nail bed (the Free Margin or Edge) with the gel placed on the natural nail bed.

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In The ThermoGel Nails the normal change of the two temperatures (that of the body from the nail bed compared to that of the environment) gives way to extraordinary nuances of colour: thus, the special formulation of the Thermogel allows the product to vary its hue from the original colour as the temperature changes .

The effect given to the Nail Art and Nail Decorations , both in Gel Nail Overlay and in the case of Gel Nail Extension , shows the unique and perfect way the product itself fades the colours showing no lines or net margins.

The Thermogel Gel that changes colour are suggested to all those who love to stand out and would like to experience this latest novelty on their nails ... Thermo Gel for all good creations !!