Nail Art Designs

Amazing Nail Art Designs, realised by the Nail Technicians Pics Nails in our Nail Salons: creations that are unique and original, the result of all our creativity and professionalism, to ensure a flawless and long-lasting finish!

Nail Art Supplies

Fluorescent Glitter Powder

Fluorescent Glitter Powder

The Fluorescent Glitter Powder is an original Nail product,with unique and particular characteristics,they illuminate during the dark,giving life to a Nail Art of great visual and aesthetic impact!...Learn more...

Every Nail Art Design that is present in the Nail Gallery Pics Nails is accompanied by the Nail Supplies that have been used for their realisation, in order to make You discover the used Pics Nails Items and thus allow You to take a cuefor the realisation of your Nail Arts and Nails Decorations!

All Nail Art Designs, in fact, contain in their own description the Products used by our Nail Artists in Nail Salons Pics Nails for the creation of Nail Art Design that You selected and which you are interested in, with a direct link to every specific Product: in this way You will be able to see our Nail Arts, discover Nail Supplies used for their realisation and to read, in each of them, the Technical description to examinate their characteristics and formats!

To show You better also the necessary making phases, We suggest You to visit also the Section that is dedicated to Nail Art and Nails Decoration Videos