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All Uv Gel Products selected and guaranteed by our specialized Pics Nails Nail Technicians for your Gel Nails Extension!

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Highly professional Uv Gel: in this selection of Products for Nails Extension, you will find everything you need in the field of Gel Nails Extension, Especially Paying Attention to the Builder Gel and the Sealing Gel, to the French and to Gel Camouflage characterised by the Beautiful and Natural Color.

The complete category of Nails Extension Gel is composed by 2 well distinct Lines:

  • Line One;
  • Line White.

The substantial difference between these two Lines of Gel is the type of Product used, precisely because:

the Line White: is the official Pics Nails line, self-leveling Gel Nails, easy to apply and extremely long-lasting, suitable for all the lovers of Nails Extension and simple to use even for the passionate of the Sector. The products of the Line White accompany us daily during our Pics Nails training Nail Courses!

The Line One: it is the evolution of the Line White, the Uv Gel are designed to ensure the highest quality, gloss and duration capable to satisfy even the needs of the most demanding Customers...dedicated to Professionals of the Sector who love differentiating themselves also thanks to an Elegant and Refined Packaging.

Both lines have different product viscosity that make the Nails Extension Gel to have a consistency: High/Solid, Medium or almost Liquid. Created to guarantee the maximum in its use, the two Uv Gel Lines use similar principles and compositions, able to always ensure a perfect and professional finish.

Peculiarities of the Products for Gel Nails Extension:

Extended Nails in Gel are an excellent Opportunity for those who dream of having resistant Nails and Various Designs without damaging the Surface of the Nail. The Gel Nails can be applied onto the Nails in a fairly simple way, but it is precisely combined to the Nail Decorations that you will obtain Nails that will stand out from the other ones, ensuring a Beautiful visual appearance.

The Gel Nails has the peculiarity of being very Elegant if combined with a simple Nail Art which makes it ideal to have Amazing Nails suitable for every occasion, whether for Special Events such as weddings and ceremonies or for simple occasions.

For the Professional Nail Technicians wishing to effectively manage all the different basic colors of the natural Nail, we suggest you to use of the Pics Nails line Gel Camouflage: well 7 different shades of Pink and Natural Gel Nails. Especially designed to be able to obtain Gel Nails Extensions characterised by the extremely natural appearance! With the Gel Camouflage, in fact, you can finally choose the Nuance which is most suitable to the Skin Color and to the characteristics of the Natural Nail of the customer, levelling the color of the Nail Bed out and hiding any small imperfections of the Natural Nail.

Gel Nails with Glitter Decoration and Gel Nails Color Metal Blue

​Which are the Pics Nails Uv Gel?

The Gel Nails are essential Products to create Coverings and Extensions on Natural Nails.

Through our 2 Nails Extension Products Lines we want to offer you the possibility to choose the most appropriate products to you!

  • Self-leveling Builder Gel Nails available in Medium or High Viscosity: indispensable to carry out Extensions with Nails Forms, with Nail Tips and Nails Coverings both on Hands and Feet. Easily to mold and file out, they are Clear and photo-curing.
  • All in one Gel Nails available in High and Low Viscosity: Suitable for those who want to have a single fast and convenient product to make Nails Coverings or small Extensions;
  • Sealing Uv-Led Gel Nails of Low viscosity, with or without Dispersion layer: Amazing Sealing Gel Nails which make the Work Unique, Shiny and Long-lasting;
  • Gel Camouflage, 7 colors available: 5 of them are proposed in Medium Viscosity (num. 160/161/162/163/164) and Low Viscosity ( num. 145/146/147/148/19) and 2 of High Viscosity (Natural Pink Cover and Dark Pink Cover) ideal to Camouflage, Color and Lengthen the Bases of the Natural Nail during the phases of the French Nails or the Underglass Techniques.

All Uv Gel Nails catalyze inside Lamps with Uv Fluorescent Tubes of 36watt in 2 minutes (4 min for the Sealing one).

Note that some Gel Nails perfectly catalyze even in Led Lamps, but for greater safety we suggest you to carefully read the datasheet of every single product!

Gel Camouflage for Nail Gel Extensions

Gel Camouflage

Gel Camouflage : A full section dedicated to Camouflage Gels, indespensible products to hide small imperfections and to uniform the colour of the natural nail

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Uv Gel "Line White"

Uv Gel "Line White"

Uv Gel "Line White": All the line of Gel Nails Products for those who wish to work combining professionality and economic accessibility!

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