One Step Gel Polish 3 in 1

One Step Gel Nail Polish 3 in 1: a New truly revolutionary proposal by Pics Nails to its customers! One Gel Nail Polish able to perform the Basic Function, Color and Top ... in one convenient Flask with Brush Integrated!

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One Step Gel Polish 3 products in 1, simplifies and speeds up your Gel Nail Polish Application, without sacrificing the quality, the keeping and the brightness guaranteed by the products of all the Gel Nail Polish Range branded Pics Nails!

That's right: now it will be possible to apply the Gel Nail Polish on your nails using a single product One Step, which contains 3 products in one ,usually required for normal application of Gel Polish, 1 Base, 2 Color, and 3 Top ... all in one product, without any need to degrease the nail surface after curing!

No Base, No Top Sealant, No Liquids ... but only the Revolutionary One Step Gel Polish 3 in 1!

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