Information for Purchase

Buy Nails Supplies Online: How to Order


Buy Nails Supplies Online it's the the informative page created to give how to order and accompany during the Nail Supplies purchase comfortably from Online Nail Shop

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Cookies Policy

Pics Nails Cookies Note, everything you need to know to surf the web site of Pics Nails in full awareness of your navigation data.

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Payment Methods

A page dedicated to the payment methods accepted for the purchase of your favourite Nail Supplies from the Pics Nails Online Shop!

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Nail Supplies Delivery Charges

A page dedicated to the subject Costs and Nail Supplies Delivery Charges: all the useful info about the cost concerning the delivery of our products!

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Nail Shops: Retail

An informative space about the Retail of the Professional Nail Supplies branded Pics Nails!

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Conditions of Sale Gel Nail Supplies

A space entirely dedicated to the useful information about the Conditions of Sale of our Professional Nail Supplies branded Pics Nails.

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Information for Purchase is a Deepening Space dedicated to all the useful details and information for who desires to purchase the Professional Nail Supplies comfortably online from our Online Shop!
Deepening pages with lots of useful information and suggestions: from the Payment methods available to the wholesale, up to the warranty on purchases and the step by step tutorial to guide you in your first order from the Pics Nails Virtual Shop!
Everything you need to be able to proceed with comfort, safety and speed, having fun to choose and buy our Products online: more than 2500 professional items for the care and beauty of your Nails!