Velvet Nails

Velvet Nail Art

Velvet Nail Art

Velvet nails is one of the most recent nail decoration of the sector, a velvet powder effect that once applied on the surface of the nail, is able to give life to a velvety and original finish....Learn more...

Velvet Powder for Nails

Velvet Powder for Nails

A photo of the Nails with Velvet Effect realised by Pics Nails: a Velvet Powder for Nails able...

Velvet Nails are particular and original Nail Decorations Pics Nails: a real "powder" able to donate to your Nails a velvety aspect by touch!
The wide range of colors available and the ease of application of the product, make this Nail Decoration one of the most loved and requested!

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Velvet Nails Effect

Velvet Nails is the Pics Nails Category dedicated to the Nail Decoration with this pleasant Velvet Fabric Effect.
Velvet Nails can be created with all types of Nails and works so we are completely able to create Nails with Velvet Effect characterised by a really original and unique appearance.

Velve Effect also called Hairy Effect is an effect that can be realised thanks to the Decorative Powder presented in this Category in 14 different Velvet colors.
The easy application and the attentive selection of the best fabrics brought Pics Nails to be able to offer you the decoration of your Nails with a Velvet Effect that can be carried both on Traditional Nail Polish that on Gel Nail Polish and even in the Gel Acrylic Nails Extension.

So whatever you choose for the maintenance of your nails, now you know that the Velvet Effect can surely be used also on your Nails...Velvet Nails for all!
Deepen the Application and the Mode of Use of the Velvet Powders reading the description given in the items pages and downloading for free the Step by Step Tutorial that you find here below.