Gel Camouflage for Nail Gel Extensions

Gel Camouflage Pics Nails for Nail Extensions are Professional Gels that arise from the need of our Nail Technicians to intervene on the colour of the client's natural nail bed,in order to hide any imperfections and uniform colouring.

All prices include VAT.

Gel Camouflage Colours available Help you to have the ability to meet the needs of your customers, correcting and improving considerably the chromatic aspect of the natural nail, disguising small imperfections of the nail bed ,uniforming the colour for an all natural finish!

The colourations Camouflage Pics Nails Gel available, in different nuances, pink natural and beige (available at medium-high viscosity or low viscosity), wil help you to choose the hue most suitable to your natural nail, thus obtaining really excellent and professional results !

The "Camouflage" Gel - takes this name from the verb "camouflage" - therefore allowing you to choose the most suitable product for yourself ...just as you do with make up, for the different shades of face powder or foundation, chosen on the basis of our aesthetic taste and in relation to your complexion.

In the same way too, with Pics Nails Camouflage Gels, even with Nail Extensions and Overlays,you will have the opportunity to choose the right tone for your every need.

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