Nail Shops: Retail

The sale in our Nail Shops, Nail Centers and in our Online Shop and the Prices of the products for nails extension present in the area of free access of our internet site correspond to the prices suggested for the retail of articles of the Pics Nails line and they are all inclusive of VAT.

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Buy Nails Supplies Online: How to Order

Buy Nails Supplies Online: How to Order

Buy Nails Supplies Online it's the the informative page created to give how to order and accompany during the Nail Supplies purchase comfortably from Online Nail Shop

The Prices charged in nail shops online, in some cases, may be higher than those charged by our distributors and local shops present in the territory and they may vary without notice and/or be liable to Special offers limited in time or limited to certain geographical areas.

In order to protect our brand and the image of exclusivity of our dealers and our shops and nails centers, the products available in this area do not correspond with the entire range of products offered by the Pics Nails catalog.

If you are interested in purchasing products, accessories and equipment of nails extension that cannot be found with this type of access (simple User) do not hesitate for contacting us at the e-mail [email protected]

Private Users wishing to make a purchase in our nails store online will be able to complete it simply by registering in the appropriate designed questionnaire present at the end of the purchasing process, or even before filling the cart.

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