Nail Franchise. Do you want to Open a Center with us?

The Franchise is an Affiliation between Companies, a Business System used all over the world that allows to start a Point of Sale by exploiting the image, the organization, the experience and the quality of a successful brand on the market and in continuous growth in the reference field.

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Opening a Nail Salon (Nail Center), or one or more operating work stations within activities which have already been undertaken, and being able to sell and supply Products and Services label Pics Nails is a Business opportunity capable of giving a career opportunity of great importance.

The Pics Nails System of Nail Franchise is structured in such a way as to be able to count on the organization, on the assistance and on the experience of a working group capable to deal with all the procedural steps that will lead to start up Your own Business Activity in the field of Nails Extension and resale of specific material and Nail Supplies with particularly favorable contract terms of quality.

The accession to the Pics Nails Franchise allows to be able to deal with the entrepreneurial experience, with all the supports and knowledge capable of leading your Nail Business to the highest possible yield.

Nail Center Franchise: Target and Requirements

The proposal of Franchise Affliation is addressed to all people who want to enter in the Nails Extension field and become a specialised reference in their own area of residence as Technicians responsible for a Nail Center already undertaken or with the opening of a Nail Salon or Corner Shop label Pics Nails.

By joining our Franchise package you will have full entrepreneurial autonomy and freedom, but with the safety and assistance during each step of the Staff of the Pics Nails organization.

The only fundamental prerequisite required will be the will*, the interest and enthusiasm with regard to the Nails Extension sector.

On the other hand our organization will offer all the training, experience, support and specialization during all the procedural and development stages of your business.

Here are some useful indications about the minimum requirements in order to be able to consider the opening of a Point of Sale in the Pics Nails Franchise; these are estimates and data base, to be considered and discussed with the person concerned, according to their own objectives and the district where you mean to start your own business.


  • Average Area: starting from 25 sqm
  • Average Area dedicated to Services: from 5/7 sqm
  • Area dedicated to the Resale of Products: starting from 10 sqm
  • Storehouse Average Area (not essential): 2/3 sqm
  • Area dedicated to the Formative Class (optional): starting from 20 sqm
  • Optimal Location: City Center and easily accessible Areas (options to be considered according to the District)
  • Catchment Area: from 5,000 residents
  • Required Permissions: to evaluate in the Design Phase

Nail Center Franchise: Information and Commercial Characteristics.

The Affiliation Pics Nails System owns and guarantees certain Salient Aspects, tested for years, that have allowed the Pics Nails Trademark to grow and give life to a strong commercial network through its Affiliated Nail Centers.

Here Below, a clear synthesis of the Commercial Aspects that characterise our Nail Franchise System.


  • Initial investment: from €10,000
  • Contract Duration: 6 years + 6
  • Average Annual Turnover (at steady state): from 30/35,000 for worker
  • Exclusive ​ on buying raw materials: Yes
  • Entrance Fee: No one​
  • Royalties Percentage (Rights) on Turnover: 3 %
  • Minimum Guaranteed: No minimum Purchase nor ​Turnover Required
  • Fees and Guarantees: to evaluate in Design Phase​
  • Area Monopoly: Yes
  • Design Phase Tutoring: Yes (No additional cost)
  • Opening Phase Tutoring: Yes (No additional cost)
  • Marketing Support: Yes
  • Constant and Periodical Updating: Yes
  • Reserved Management Software - For Customer, Storehouse, Sales, Accounting, Cash, etc Management: Yes (included in the Package Budget)

Tutoring concerning the Design Phase is the First Essential Step to be able to evaluate the Feasibility of the Project and the Peculiarities of the Concerned Area with the person concerned.

On the basis of this first analysis, therefore, we will be able to evaluate and identify the kind of Point of Sale in all its aspects: from the choice of the best property to the study of its interior, up to the definition of the Quote. Here below, the main points of this phase.


​Study of the Resident Population in the Area of reference
Average Per Capita Income
Reference Target according to the age of interest
Similar and adversary activities in the municipal area
Surrounding areas study
Choose of the Property
Environments Design
Costs Analysis and Quote definition
Financing sources for the Project Analysis

Tutoring concerning the Opening Phase, instead, includes a series of activities supporting the delicate Start-up phase of the Point of Sale and there is no additional cost: in this phase, the company offers a Service of Juxtaposition in the Point of Sale and Assistance to 360°.

Marketing Support is one of the most particular and appreciated features of the Pics Nails Affiliation Franchise System.

Since its inception, the Pics Nails company has understood the potential of the Marketing and Communication activities aimed at the Company Strategic Promotion, through the most current offline and online channels, obtaining a great success in the years and continuously recording excellent data relating to the return on investment through focused and effective web and social actions.

Below, a clear summary of the Marketing Assistance activities guaranteed by the Pics Nails System.


  • Visibility in the Company's Internet Site: Web Page dedicated to the Point of Sale, with SEO and Ranking Study
  • Creation of the Google Business Page and Placement in Google Maps
  • Tutoring and Training Program for the creation of the Social identity of the Nail Shop
  • Company Dedicated Facebook Page Launch (networked with the other Pages of the Pics Nails System)
  • Tutoring in Creating Promotional Graphics: Leaflets, Business Cards, Brochures, Price Lists, Appointment Cards, Appointments Agenda, etc.
  • Creation of Newsletters targeted to the reference area by exploiting the Database of Pics Nails loyal customers

Nail Franchise: Didactic Objectives

Pics Nails wants to offer the most detailed and complete Training, in order to be able to lead You into the Nails Extension World as Experts.

For this reason the Training will not be exclusively technical, but will focus on all the aspects that concern the Launch and the Management of the activity, to 360°.


  • Commercial Training
  • Management Training
  • Accounting Training
  • Technical Training

​The Technical Training will be judged and quantified following an assessment, by the Pics Nails Master, about the experience and dexterity of the candidate:

  • Zero Degree of Experience : 400 hours minimum
  • Hobbyist Degree of Experience : 200 Hours minimum
  • Professional Degree of Experience 1 Year : 100 hours minimum
  • Professional Degree of Experience Advanced : 50 hours minimum

Technical Training will allow to create one or more complete professionals who we will lead, with care and passion, to the learning of all the professional advanced techniques and procedures concerning the fantastic world of Nails Extension, and Application of Artificial Nails with UV Gel Methodologies.

By proceeding in the training program, with the systematic use of Nail Art Brushes, the Application of Rhinestones and Decorations, the use of the Professional Nail Drills, the concepts of customer and warehouse management, and the formation of accounting and organizational character, we are able to create complete Nail Technicians able to manage all stages of the production process within a Nail Center in the Pics Nails Franchise.

Training Topics in the Phases of Technical Training

The formative period provided by our Franchise System is a real formative path, complete and professional, during which you will deal with all the subjects needed for the technical and theoretical preparation of the Staff of the new Nail Salon label Pics Nails:

  • Presentation of the organization, the materials and equipment used;
  • Characteristics of the products processing and their use;
  • Method procedures with the materials;
  • Disinfection procedures and Safety in the workplace;
  • Composition of the Hand and Nails;
  • Possible issues and Nail pathologies;
  • Procedures of the Nail preparation;
  • Procedures of artificial Nails Application;
  • Practice exercises with the use of plastic supports;
  • Procedures of the Application and Use of the photo-curing Gel Nails;
  • Presentation of advanced practices, materials and equipment used;
  • Analysis of the use procedures of materials;
  • Deepening of descriptive knowledge of every single product used;
  • Resolution of possible problems concerning the use;
  • Advanced procedures of artificial Nails Application and Gel Coat;
  • Methodologies and Use of Gel Nails Color and Glitter Gel Nails;
  • How to Use Special Gel Nails, Underglass Technique and Special Gel Nails in French;
  • Procedures for the Removal of the applied Products;
  • Nails Extension methods without the use of plastic prostheses (Sculpture);
  • Procedures of Toe Nails Extension;
  • Procedures for using professional Nail Drills;
  • Procedures for Nail Art and Nail Decoration;
  • Customer and Point of Sale Management Notions;
  • Commercial characteristics of the individual Products;
  • Legislation on Cosmetics and procedures for starting a new Business;
  • Support and exercise on models;
  • Work with the teacher;
  • Conclusive Test on acquired knowledge;

Nail Salon Franchise: The Operative Phases

  • Estimate Feasibility Study of the Town Chosen (Potential Catchment Area, Resident Population Registry, Flow of Seasonal Population, Bordering Municipalities, Potential Adversary Activities);
  • Meeting with the entrepreneurs;
  • Survey of the place and collection of economic and socio-economic information of the area and places designated;
  • Identification of possible areas of interest for the reference market;
  • Identification and study of the ideal location, (Geographical Municipality Area, Road and Evaluation of the Available Commercial Premises);
  • Study of career opportunities and potential working estimate, (Productive Potential of the chosen area);
  • Identification and estimation of turnover objectives (Analysis of price advisable, quantitative Reserves estimate, needs of human resources Estimate and Analysis);
  • Estimate, in terms of services, to be able to propose and the number of work stations to be able to start in place;
  • Estimate and possible choice of the direction of the initiative:

a) Only Services

b) Services and Retail

c) Services, Retail and Wholesale

d) Services, Retail and Wholesale and Professional Training

  • Estimate of the timing of the operation realisation (Formation and Preparations Time and Preparation of the business premises);
  • Definition of the Spending Quote (Formation, Furniture, Equipment, First supplied Material, Electric Material and Building works, Advertising material, etc.);
  • Choice of the starting period of the business (preferably not during spikes of presence in the place chosen and/or high season);
  • Quantification of necessary training times;
  • Works of realisation and preparation;
  • Start and Inauguration of the Nail Center.

Nail Center Franchise: Strengths of the Pics Nails Contract

  • Registered Trademark and in Continuous Growth;
  • Certified Products and Variety of Choice;
  • Uniqueness in the Formula and Tested Techniques;
  • Uniqueness and Originality of the Furniture and Decor of the Point of Sale;
  • Total Assistance in start-up phase of the initiative;
  • Accounting, Organizational, Formative and Technique Assistance for the entire Contract duration;
  • Periodic visits of control and assistance;
  • Exclusive Retail Area;
  • Promotional dedicated initiatives;
  • Visibility in the Company's internet site dedicated to Nails Extension (
  • Price Lists and Reserved Promotions;
  • Periodic Updating Nail Courses;
  • Promoting local and regional initiatives;
  • Update and continuous research of New Products and new Technical-Practical Solutions in order to constantly improve the Customer Service;
  • Reserved Management Software;
  • No Entrance Fee;
  • No minimum Order;
  • No minimum Turnover required;
  • Advantageous Royalties;
  • Particular Payment Methods.

Minimum Times for the Nail Franchise Opening:

In the case of a Nail Center with Services and Products Sale of medium size: about 90/120 days;

In the case of Nail Corner work stations within existing activities purely aimed at services: about 60 days;

Other cases: time to evaluate.

* Make sure in advance of the requirements for the activities development in the town chosen for the opening.