Gel Nail Designs

Gel Nail Designs is the space where You can find the best Nail Designes relative to our works in Gel Nails! Gel Nails Extension and amazing creations embellished by Professional Nail Decorations

Gel Nail Designs that are showed in this section of our Nail Designs Gallery – in constant update, with Pictures of new and latest Nail Creations – are just some of the best creations realised by the Pics Nails Staff in our Affiliated Nail Salons in Sardinia.

Gel Nail Designs that are original, flawless and realised with the use of Professional Nail Supplies that are Pics Nails branded: each photo of the Gel Nail Designs Album, in fact, is accompanied with a list of the Nail Products that have been used for the realisation of every creation!

In this way, through our Gel Nail Designs, we want to offer to each of You the possibility to be inspired by the professional Nail Works of our Staff and to know exactly Products, Nail Tools and Nail Accessories that are necessary to give life to professional Gel Nails Extension.