Nail Salon Uniforms

Nail Salon Uniforms: here Pics Nails proposes to all the nails and/or beauty professionals ,professional work uniform who wish to wear every day Professional and suitable work Uniform to their work!

All prices include VAT.

In these pages you will discover the Beautician, Spa and Nail Technician Work uniforms and all clothes for Nails Technician, beauticians and representatives of the nails and/or beauty sector!

Clothing, specially selected by Pics Nails, will enable all the Beautician to transmit to their own customers a sense of high professionalism of their beauty salon and their work, as well as a suitable sense of hygiene and safety.

In section Nail Salon Uniforms, in fact, you will find white coats and trousers embellished by embroidered logo of the company, available in different sizes: Work Clothes proposed by Pics Nails will add a professional touch to your Nail Salon (Nail Center) or Aesthetic Center, ensuring an immediate return in terms of prestige and elegance that will make you distinguish yourselves.