Nails Extension Gel

In order to deal with all the phases of Nails Extension Gel, Pics Nails selected in time two different Lines of Gel Nail for Nails Extension, to be able to satisfy really everyone!


Uv Gel

Uv Gel "Line White" for Nails Extension

Is the Gel Nail Line addressed to those who want to realise Professional Nails Extension combining the features of a Gel of High Quality with the low-priced accessibility, which can not be found for products of this quality.
Suitable for all nail types and for works both with Tips that Nail Forms!

This Line of Gel perfectly combines with all types of works and it allows to obtain Nails Extension characterised by unique aspect, shininess and endurance. This category of Gel Nail is considered the first, as well as the most famous formulation of Gel produced by Pics Nails that boasts the support of faithful consumers for many years.

You can find Available of the Gel Nail Line "Line White":


Uv Gel "Line One" for Nails Extension
With the evolution of the Techniques of Gel production and nail work, the Pics Nails labs, supporting the wills of the Nail Technicians of our Nail Centers, could find a new road: the Gel Nail Line “Line One”.
The professional nail work starts here: the Pics Nails Line One is a Line of Gel for Nails Extensions that offers the possibility to Extend Nails using Photo-curing Gel Supplies of greater quality, produced exclusively with top-shelf raw materials that give unique endurance, shininess. gloss, colors, transparence and lasting to the finished nail.

The different procedures of realisation, combined with the careful selection and quality control carried out by Pics Nails, guarantee Products that only the Expert Nail Technicians will be able to use in their own Nail Salon: Beauty Centers, Hair Salons, Nails Centers or Perfumeries.
To complete the efficiency and the quality of the Line White, here is then a secret "extra kick", combined with a Packaging with a valued and elegant design, useful to ensure and protect also the quality of theprecious Gel in in its inside!

You can find Available of the Gel Nail Line "Line One":

Gel Nail Mode of Use

To have further information about the use of the Product for Gel Nails Extension and discover the professional working method followed everyday in the Affiliated Pics Nails Centers, you can download for Free the Step by Step Gel Nail Tutorial!
It is sufficient to click on the Cover present here next to start the Free Download of the Tutorial in pdf format directly on your PC!

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