Buy Nails Supplies Online: How to Order

Buy Nail Supplies Online: here How to order and buy Nails Supply and Nails tools directly and easily from our Nail Supply Store on our Web site!

Few simple Step: Buy Nails Online is quick and easy using the instructions below in the Step by Step for the Purchase!

BUY NAILS STEP 1: Visit the Categories and the Technical Descriptions of the Products.

Discover Categories and product lines of our Shop Usind the menu: click on the Categories, Subcategories and the photos of these products.


Select the Category of Your Rating and Click on it to visit it


If you find a product that you like and want to buy it insert it in the shopping cart by clicking the appropriate green button with Trolley "Add" that appears moving the mouse over product photos.


If you wish to explore and discover the technical details of the product,click on the name of the product and you will access to the Product page where you will find more information and view the image of the enlarged product.


BUY NAILS STEP 2: Learn about the product and insert it in the Cart.

Once inside the Nail Product page you can choose and enter the Product Quantity you wish to order , if present, the variant of the desired product type, directly from confortable menus Wipe placed on the left of your screen.

At this point,whit a simply click on the Add to Cart button you can insert your own, the product that you wiss to order.


BUY NAILS STEP 3: Your Shopping Cart

At this point you can Login to your cart by clicking the purple icon at the top right of your screen: Cart

Inside the Shopping you will find a clear overview of the inserted items and take action on Quantity of individual products before proceeding with the order.


Now you can proceed with the order, selecting the desired type of shipping through the convenient Drop-Down Menu and entering any Coupon or voucher (if you are in possession of discount coupons).

Once you completed this step you can click on the green button Proceed with Purchase to move to the Next Step!


Effettua l'accesso con la Tua Mail e Password, oppure effettua la registrazione nel nostro sito;


Please login with Your Email and Password, or Sign in to our site;


BUY NAILS STEP 4: Access and Confirm your General Info Choose the way of payment.

Step 1 is the final step dedicated to the confirmation of your General Information and the payment method's choice that you want to take to make your online purchase from our Nail Supply Store Pics Nails Nails by simply clicking on the desired option.

After you select the options that you'd click the green Next button and go to Step 2 of your process online!

BUY NAILS STEP 5: Check the Summary of your products and Ordered

The Second Step is devoted entirely to the Summary of your Personal Informations (method of payment, delivery address, shipping courier) and your Cart's Summary , or all of the selected products, quantities and costs.

If everything is as you wish, you can now proceed with the purchase by clicking the green button Pay Now