Swarovski Nails ® Crystal for Shine Nail Art

Original Swarovski Nails : The Swarovski Crystal ® are the perfect product to give your Nails a Long lasting and exclusive shine !

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How to Apply Swarovski® Nails?

How to Apply Swarovski® Nails?

How to Apply Swarovski® Nails? Here are some precious advices of our Nail Master Giovanna for a correct application of this Nail Decoration!

Original Swarovski ® Nails: the Crystal are the perfect product to give to your nails along-lasting and exclusive shine! The Swarovski Crystals, Nail Gems unique in their genre, are applied with extreme simplicity and rapidity perfectly adhering to the surface of the nail, whether in the traditional natural Manicure or in Nail Art on Nail Extensions or and also on Gel Polish.

The secret of the Swarovski Rhinestones preserved in the "Formula" Swarovski Crystal, able to assure you Nail gems of certified quality, the best on the market.The Swarovski Rhinestones for Nails Design Pics Nails are available in a wide range of colours to give a special touch to your Nail Art or embellish a simple layer of Polish!

Seeing the extremely small size of the Swarovski Nails, they can be applied both on the Rebuilt nails in Gel or Acrylic, Gel Polish, or traditional Nail Polish or even to give light and elegance to the Natural Nails of hands and feet. Last but not least is the possibility of being able to use the Swarovski Diamonds for application on the teeth with the special dental adhesive pastes; regarding this, we suggest you buy the desired Crystal and have the application done by your trusted dentist.

Where does the Quality of Swarovski® Nail Artes come from?

The history of Swarovski crystals dates back to the end of the 19th century, when Daniel Swarovski (born in Bohemia in 1862) at the age of 30 patented a particular cutting machine for moans and crystals.
The young Daniel, in fact, was a skilled jeweler and glass cutter living in Switzerland, and thanks to the introduction of his new machine was able to significantly increase the production of the Crystals and their processing!

A few years later, together with two partners, he founded the Swarovski Company, starting the production and processing of the most popular and well-known crystals in the world: the Swarovski® Crystals, in fact, are composed of glass and lead and their formula is still unknown ... a real industrial secret!

From then on, the Swarovski® Crystals spread and were used for different uses, from jewelry to objects, up to the aesthetics, as in the case of our Swarovski® Original Nail Art on the Gel, Gel Polish or Natural Nails !

The particularity of these Crystals Original lies above all in their unique and unique brilliance!
They are in fact true Crystals, which in mineralogy are identified as particular solid structures often characterized by a defined geometric shape (unlike the Glass, for example, which is a non-crystalline solid called "amorphous").

In our case, also, their particular flat-bottom cut - which allows and facilitates a precise and easy application on the nail surface - is particularly appreciated by professionals in the Nails Art sector!

Today, Swarovski® Nail Crystals are one of the most loved and requested Professional Nail Decorations in the industry, an indispensable product in the position of every nail technician and of every Nail Art and Nails enthusiast; that's why our range of Swarovski® Original Nail Colours grows unceasingly from season to season!