Clear Gel Nail Polish

Clear Gel Nail Polish

NEWS The only All-in-One Gel Nail Polish

Clear Gel Nail Polish 2 in 1 is the only one that acts as a Gel Nail Polish base and Gel Nail Polish Top all in a single product, characterised by an extreme adhesion to the natural nail, used as a base and characterised by the sublime shininess, used as a finish of Coloured Gel Nail Polish!

The Clear Gel Nail Polish presents itself in a very elegant shiny bottle with an attached brush of high quality in order to make the application easier and faster with respect to the procedures of Gel Nail Polish with distinct products (Base and Top); the characteristic of having a low viscosity ensures the coat of a minimum layer during the application, with a considerable saving of product, while still maintaining its high characteristics. The Clear Gel Nail Polish, having a low viscosity is characterised by being self-leveling, and very flexible and this allows it to adapt perfectly on the natural nail without losing the possibility to use the product also on Nails Extensions both in Acrylic or Gel.

The application must be realized with the maximum care for not touching the cuticles, in order to ensure a better seal of the product and to prevent disconnections or premature defects of the finished nail.

Catalysys Times: Uv Lamp 3 min/ Led 60 sec

Note: If you want to use a lamp with a lower power it will be necessary to pay more attention to the correct exposure of the treaty finger to UV Lights and evaluate the exposure time in proportion to the power of the lamp that you use for the making. (For example 4/6 minutes in a lamp of 9 Watts).

SYNTHESIS OF APPLICATION of the Clear Gel Nail Polish monophasic system:

  • Push the cuticles (Hangnails) with one cuticles pusher or a Wooden Cuticle Pusher and make the eventual removal of the hangnails using a clippers for cuticles;
  • Pass on the natural nail a buffer or a preparation file in order to be able to prepare the surface for the treatment, kindly roughening the surface. The correct preparation of the nail for the Gel Nail Polish takes just a few seconds and it is considered completed when the surface of the nail is fully matte. This step is essential because, in order to be able to adhere perfectly to the natural nail, the Gel Nail Polish needs a rough and dry surface;
  • Degrease the surface with a square of the pressed cotton soaked in the Nail Cleaner;
  • Apply the Nail Prep and then the Nail Primer;
  • Apply a very light layer of the Clear Gel Nail Polish (as if it was a normal Nail Polish) as a Base and pass under UV lamp of 36 Watts for 3 minutes or Led 60 sec;
  • Apply the color of the Gel Nail Polish that You most prefer among those present in the Pics Nails Range, then proceed with the exposure in UV lamp of 36 Watts for 3 minutes or Led for 90 sec;
  • To your taste or the customer’s taste, it is possible, to intensify the tone of some colors, to apply a second layer of product always followed by a passage in the lamp for 3 minutes or Led 60 sec;
  • Seal with the Clear Gel Nail Polish and Leave it Catalyse for the Necessary Times; we remind You that the product, after being exposed to the Uv Lamp Lights, produces a layer of dispersion (sticky patina), that we recommend you to remove with the pressed cotton soaked in our Nail Cleaner Pics Nails only when it is used as Top, because in the previous steps (base and application of the Colour or French) is not mandatory.

Product Packaging: 15 Ml Bottle

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