Beauty Case for Nails, Nail Art and Make Up

Beauty Case and Professional Nails , Nail Art and Make Up Suitcases: Pics Nails proposes a wide range of beauty case from journey for those who want to move with comfort and convenience bringing with them all the material and the equipment necessary to carry out their best work!

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Beauty Case: practical suitcase, professional and semi-professional, specifications for those who operate in the aesthetics world or those who are or just passionate or hobby . Pics Nails proposes a rich range of beauty cases and bags for professional nail Technician, Nail Artist and Make Up Artist, different in shape, color and size.

Pics Nails suggests its models of the suitcase with a greater amplitude and size to all those who work professionally in Nails and Make Up Industry and wants a tool that can facilitate the transport of their equipment and products or to bring in,all the cosmetic material necessary for their work,.

For those who have made the aesthetic sector their passion, Pics Nails proposes a typology of Bauty Cases, colorful and from medium or small size, always useful and trendy, to devote to their hobby with practicality and comfort.

Pics Nails Professional Nail Technician, Nail Artist and Make Up Artist Beauty Case and Suitcases are also available in different types of materials: from those made from aluminum to those made of plastic material, embellished with vintage decorations, transparent coatings or silver.

The wide choice of Beauty Case offered in our Online Catalog you will find the most suitable to your needs!