Gel Polish Top Coat 10 ml

Gel Polish Top Coat 10 ml

Gel Nail Polish Top Coat - Gel Soak Off Top

Gel Nail Polish Top Coat characterised by the high shininess and an excellent sealing and protective power, indispensable in order to be able to conclude the procedures of both French and Coloured Gel Nail Polish or Soak Off on the natural or false Nail. Its application must be ultra-slim, with a considerable saving of the product and its very low viscosity makes its application very easy.

Catalysis: Uv Lamp 3 min/ Led 60 sec

Mode of Application:

1) Degrease the Natural Nail with the Nail Special Cleaner;

2) Matte with the Stone Nail File for Preparation;

3) Degrease and Dry again the Nail with, in order, the Nail Special Cleaner, Nail Prep and Nail Primer;

4) Apply the Gel Nail Polish Base Coat;

5) On the Dispersion Layer, apply the Gel Nail Polish Color Chosen: generally we suggest 2 Coats which have to be catalysed in Uv Lamp for 3 min or in Led Lamp for 90 sec;

6) Seal with the Gel Nail Polish Top Coat;

7) Remove the Dispersion Layer with the Nail Special Cleaner.

This product can be removed with the Gel Nail Polish Remover, therefore it does not require filings or deep millings.

Product Packaging: 10 Ml Bottle

If you desire to improve your knowledge about it, click on this Gel Nail Polish Deepening.

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