Gel Color

The Coloured Gels Pics Nails are Photo Curing Gels specific for nails from the special formulation dedicated to the realization of Sculptured Nails giving special and coloured effects with surprising results.

The Coloured Gels are distinguished from normal Builder Gels thanks to a supplement, made with labourious laboratory procedures, of special coloured pigments of high quality that are mixed to the neutral product, giving the Gel itself high profile colourings ensuring a finished Rebuilt fingernail, a unique shiny appearance and visual appeal.

The Coloured Gels are available in many different chromatic variations: the wide choice allows to ensure the satisfaction of any taste or wish depending on ones imagination!

The easy application and the outstanding endurance on the Nail allows the use of the Colored Gel for any type of fantasy and nail decoration. Thanks to the highly pigmented special formulation,the Coloured Gels lend themselves perfectly to a uniform coverage on the nail ensuring beautiful professional coloured results even using the Gel for the realization of rebuilt nails only with coloured French.

It should be noted that depending on the different geographical places the products distributed by us with the name "Gel Color" for nail Extensions and Overlays can be known to you also with the following names:

  • UV Coloured Gel;
  • Gel Nails Colors;
  • Chromatic Gel;
  • Photo Curing Coloured Gel;
  • Colored Gel for Nail Extensions and Overlays;
  • Decorative Gel for Nails;

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