Uv-Led Builder Gel High Viscosity 50 ml

Uv-Led Builder Gel High Viscosity 50 ml

Uv-LED Builder Gel High Viscosity Line White 50 ml

Led, Ccfl and Uv Builder Gel. It is the second product of the three-phase method, in fact it is the necessary Gel to create the structure and the optimal shape of the nail, which is suitable both for short nails and/or for onychophagy, and to make any type of Nails Extension, whether they are lenghtenings with Tips or with Nail Forms.

New product of the Pics Nails Line, created to comply with the new trends in the field of Nails making, with the use of Led lamps! It is photo curing , clear, self-leveling characterised by the high viscosity, easy in the application, filing and modelling. It is a very resistant and highly flexible Builder Gel.

Once coated on the nail surface, expose it for 2 minutes to UV light in the lamp of 36 Watts, or in Led Lamp for 60/90 seconds. Since after a few seconds it is common to perceive a slight sensation of heat on the natural nail, it is suggested to remove the treated finger from UV rays, not more than 5/10 seconds from the first exposure, until disappearance of the heat feelings (Max 2/5 sec), then complete polymerisation. Proceed with the removal of the sticky dispersion layer from the nail, using a cotton pads soaked in Nail Special Cleaner Pics Nails. If the shape given to the nail is not satisfying, complete with a careful filing of the Gel in excess until obtaining the desired shape.

Polymerisation times in lamp of 36 Watts: 2 MINUTES;

in Led Lamp 60/90 seconds

Product Density: HIGH

  • Builder Gel Nails/ Structure Gel Nails
  • Highly Resistant
  • Extremely Flexible
  • Excellent Cohesion
  • High Viscosity
  • Self-Leveling
  • Drying Times: 2 MIN in Uv Lamp of 36 Watts, 60/90 seconds in Led Lamp

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