Nail Primer Acid Free 12 ml

Nail Primer Acid Free 12 ml

The Nail Primer is a Liquid for the Adhesion indispensable to dry and prepare the nail for the application of UV Gel or Acrylic products for Nails Extension and also, if you want to improve the endurance performance, it is possible to use it with the Gel Nail Polish Line.

The special formulation and the alcohol that are present in the product allow the complete evaporation of water and the total degreasing of the nail surface. Once applied a very slight layer of Nail Primer, let it dry to air for a few moments and protect the nail from any contact with any other product until the coat of the Gel or the Acrylic. It has a clear color, it is volatile and strong-smelling.

The importance of the use of the Nail Primer as preparer, degreaser and cleaning of the Nail Surface before the procedure of Gel coat is one of the most important steps for the good seal of the finished Nail.

Format: 10 ml Bottle with Brush

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