Uv Builder Gel Fiberglass 5 ml

Builder Gel with Fiberglass or Fiberglass Photo Transparent hardener.
New Formula for this Builder Gel Resistant as acrylic but with all the benefits of the gel!
Finally a Builder Gel that resists impact thanks to its special FiberGlass formula. Inside, the Gel creates Resistant but at the same time Flexible bonds that guarantee a new way to absorb shocks. Indispensable to create the optimal crowning of the nail during a Gel Coating or to Create Resistant and Durable extensions.
his gel with its perfect adhesion, highly flexible, can be stapled after a few seconds to create the desired curved effect.
Thanks to its long-lasting formulation for UV exposure it produces little heat. For a complete catalyzing process it takes 120 sec in a 36w lamp and 60 seconds in 18watt LEDs. Polymerization Times in Lamp: 36 Watt UV 2 Min / LED 18 Watt 60 Sec

Polymerisation times in Lamp: UV of 36 Watts 2 Min / LED 18 Watt 60 Sec

Product Density: MEDIUM/HIGHT

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