Ceramic Nail Drill Bit Small Ball

Ceramic Nail Drill Bit Small Ball

Ceramic Nail Drill Bit Small Ball of High Abrasion, ideal for Removing residues of Nails Extension by Gel Nails or Acrylic.

The Ceramic bits produce little vibrations to the handle, guaranteeing greater Accuracy and Efficiency in the work as well as a much more pleasant experience for the customer.

The material is highly professional, ideal to ensure a Fast and Efficient work. The Bit is completely made of Ceramic and has a Medium Grit (indicated by the Blue Color of the collar)

Thanks to the perfect grooves present in the bit, it is also reduced the friction producing little heat!

Moreover, thanks to the hardness of the Ceramic material and to the precise cut of the grooves, during the Filing it is produced little dust because it is able to reduce the Gel Nails or acrylic in "Coarse powder".

We recommend to replace them always in their case or in a place sheltered from hits at the end of the work

The bit cut is extremely clean and precise and the twists give life to small Bits slightly inclined on one side to have more or less abrasion according to the rotation that we will take to the Nail Drill; the Sphere Bit are useful for the Removal of Strass or Swarovski from Nails. This Sphere Bit is also used for the Removal of Cuticles.

The Diameter of the Stem is universal Ø 2.35 mm.

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