Nail Foil Silver 1

Nail Foil Silver 1

Nail Foil: are thin foils used as Decoration for Nails. Thanks to this particular product you will get results that with a simple coat of Nail Polish, could not be achieved.

The foil has a Length of 100 cm, a Width of 3,8 cm and a Thickness equal to that of hair.

Nail Foil are very simple to use , therefore suitable to any level of experience and they will ensure you always Different and Original Nail Art. A good way to stimulate the creativity and to guarantee you beautiful effects for any occasion.

As already mentioned, the application of Nail Foil needs :

  • Nail Foil Glue: that will be applied on your finish work for make adhere the most the Nail Foil, whether on Nails Extension,Gel Nail Polish or traditional Nail Polish

In the absence of glue:

  • Nail Foil Gel: specially used to ensure the maximum Foil fastening and to obtain a color tone that will be different and original;

We rapidly have seen the two application methods that make Nail Foil available to any Nail Artist, both with a quicker method, with the application by using the Nail Foil Glue, and both with the more developed method of application with Nail Foil Gel. Now it is up to you the choice of which method You want to use and obtain beautiful Nail Art.

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