Nail Primer and Nail Prep: what are they and what are used for?

Nail Primer and Nail Prep: do we know the difference between these two important Nail Supplies and which are their functions in the realisation of a correct Professional Gel Nails Extension?

Nail Primer and Nail Prep: it is certainly about two Nails Supplies among the most used and important for who works in the Nails Extension field...but do we really know the difference between these two important Products and their correct mode of use? These are doubts that concern many of our Customers and Followers and, therefore, it could not lack a new deepening of our Nails Blog precisely dedicated to it! Enjoy your Reading!

We immediately start by trying to clarify the characteristics and the functions of these two Products, beginning from the "legendary" one, by always present in our Online Catalog and chosen by thousands customers for their works: the Nail Primer, also known with the name of Adhesion Promoter Primer!

What is it about? The Nail Primer is a Liquid with a special formulation, used in the procedures of Nails Extension: the Alcohol and the Acids present in the Product, in fact, facilitate and guarantee a complete water evaporation and the complete "degrease" of the Natural Nail Surface.


It is important to remember, in fact, that among the most causes of disconnection or no-adhesion of the Uv Gel Supplies on the Natural Nail Surface there is precisely the presence of moisture and small water particles, that might compromise the endurance and the achievement of our work!

The Nail Primer, therefore, precisely operates as Adhesion Promoter between the Nail and the Gel Supplies that we will use, by maximizing their adherence!

Its Mode of Use is extremely simple and quick: once applied a thin layer of Nail Primer, using the convenient Brush in its Bottle, it will be sufficient to make dry for a few seconds to air, paying attention to avoid any contact of the Nail with objects or products.
When a few seconds have past, we will be able to proceed with the Application of our Builder Gel and thus continue our Gel Nails Extension!

Once this aspect has been clarified, all that remains is answering to the second question: What is the Nail Prep? And how to use it?

The Nail Prep - also known as Nail Dehydrator - is a Degreasing Liquid that is used during Nails Extension to gently Dehydrate the Natural Nail Surface, before proceeding with the Application of the Nail Primer.


The "task" of the Nail Prep, therefore, is to accurately Cleanse the Natural Nail, removing any oily trace!
It often happens, in fact, that we have to work with "problematic nails", maybe a bit shiny, that for this reason need a Product that facilitates the adhesion of the Supplies that we will use, thereby guaranteeing our work an optimal and lasting finish.

As for the Nail Primer, also the Application mode of the Nail Prep is extremely simple and quick!

After having conveniently matted with the Stone Nail File for Preparation and degreased with the Nail Cleaner the natural Nail Surface, it will be sufficient to use a handle of cotton pads soaked in Nail Prep to cleanse uniformly the whole nail surface, reminding not to neglect the most "strategic" areas as the Cuticles one and the Free Edge.
At this point it will be sufficient wait for a few seconds (about 30 seconds) so that the product evaporates completely.

Once arrived at this Step of our Work, it will be possible to proceed with the Application of the Nail Primer, thus ensuring the maximum endurance and duration to our Nails Extension!

In this new deepening of our Nails Blog we wanted to focus the attention on the use of these two Nail Supplies during the Steps of a Gel Nails Extension, but actually the Nail Primer and the Nail Prep are increasingly both used also in the procedures of Preparation of the Natural Nail before the Application of the Gel Nail Polish (Traditional or One Step).
Obviously, it is not about a "compulsory" use, but it can be recommended when we want to ensure an Optimal and Perfect Endurance to our work with Gel Nail Polish!

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