How Long does One Step Gel Polish Last?

How long does One Step Gel Polish last? Many times You asked us this question and we are sure that as many times you thought about it while applying your One Step Gel Polish 3in1 at home or in your Nail Salon of confidence! That is why we talk about it better here in our Nails Blog, to tell you about some of the features of this Revolutionary Product and give you some useful suggestions to ensure an excellent endurance to your Applications! Enjoy your Reading Girls!

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Chipped Nail Polish

How long does One Step Gel Polish last? Almost always, who approaches for the first time to the Gel Nail Polish, asks us precisely this question!

There are many, in fact, Customers and Followers who are tired of the Traditional Nail Polish and wish to try the new One Step Gel Polish: as proved by the photo here, in fact, the Traditional Nail Polish after a few days may have chippings and other unaesthetic problems that force us to frequently remove and reapply it!

The dream of every woman, instead, is precisely to be able to finally find a Nail Product characterised by the easy and quick Application and Removal...and by the endurance muvh higher than the Classic Nail Polish. Exactly like the One Step Gel Polish 3in1 Pics Nails!


Broken Nail Polish

We start immediately by saying that the average endurance of One Step Gel Polish 3 in 1 varies from one week to 20 days, but just as happens for the other Nail Products (in Nails Extension as well as in the Application of the "traditional" Nail Polish), also for the One Step Gel Polish it is essential to follow some simple rules and pay attention to some details to ensure our Work an Optimum Endurance!

As in the example here next: the Photo shows an application made at home by our Customer and a visible damage (after about 5-7 days from the application of the product) in the area of the tip of the nail. In this case, having spread a single coat of the Product, the result proved to be excessively thin and therefore less resistant!

Our Advice is therefore to always proceed with two coats of One Step Gel Polish to give our work the correct thickness!

Growth Broken Nail Polish

Although it is incredibly simple and rapid, the application of the One Step Gel Polish 3in1 not exclude those small basic rules of which we have spoken many times here in our Nails Blog...such as, for example, paying attention to a correct and suitable Step of Preparation of the Natural Nail!

In this further image, for example, we are in front of an Application characterised by the excellent endurance (about 3 weeks), but observing well the photo - beyond the normal re-growth of the Natural Nail - we observe that the Gel Polish is damaged only in the area of the free corner.

After 3 weeks, damages of this type are absolutely normal!To try to postpone the most this type of "problem" and arrive - as in the case of our photo with 3 weeks of duration - it is fundamental to remember, during the Preparation Phase, to roughen and matte with great care even the area of the free corner with the help of our Stone Nail File for Preparation Pics Nails, so as to make it quite ready to “accept” the One Step Gel Polish...for a long time!


nail polish traditional broken

Obviously, also in this case the "maintenance" of work after its realisation affects a lot on its endurance!

Also for the One Step Gel Polish, in fact, it is good to remember that a prolonged contact with water or any repeated hits in time (think for example to those who every day use the PC for work) can compromise the duration of the work and damage it!

As in the case shown in next image, where once again the free corner is the most sensitive: the Endurance of the Product - as we can see from the perfect adherence in the cuticles area - was Excellent (about 20 days), but the first "damages" appear precisely on the tip of our Nails.

Chipped Gel Nail Polish

Here again a new photo (taken after about 10 days from the Application of the Product), chosen to show how the problem of chippings of the free margin of the Nail are unfortunately very widespread: but to avoid that our Customers are not satisfied with Nail Technicians and to always ensure a Professional and accurate work is also useful to remember some small details...that will make a difference!

Even during the coat of the One Step Gel Polish, for example, it is good to remember to "roll up" well the tip of the natural nail (a fortiori if we think, then, that this will not be Sealed!).

One Step Gel Polish, therefore, certainly has marked a new revolution in the Nails sector but not for this it is free of attentions and correct methods of Application and Removal, like the other Professional Nail Products!

Once again, therefore, our advice is to discover the correct methodologies of professional work and to work hard to increase your own manual obtain even more satisfying works characterised by the incredible endurance!

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