Top Coat 15 ml


Sealing Top Coat also called Top Coat Nail Polish, used at the End of Working Phases. It is a Transparent Brilliant Treatment specific to seal the nail after the Nail Polish or Decorative Nail Stickers application or any kind of Nail Art work in the Traditional Manicure to obtain a greater performance in terms of Shininess and Duration.

It is suggested to apply them on dried surfaces in order to avoid to take away the underlying nail polish.

The rapid drying to air and the resistance on the Nail surface confer to this Top Coat the characteristics of being professional and of high-quality, guaranteeing a perfect protective finish to your manicure and pedicure and improving, moreover, the traditional endurance of Nail Art applications or Traditional Nail Polish.

The finished Work will be properly Polished and Sealed with just one coat, guaranteeing a double Quality in very few time.

The Top Coat is Transparent on Nails, therefore it can brighten the Colors coated before up without modifying them.

Format: 15 ml Bottle with Brush.

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