Gel Nails Color Bubble Pink 102

Gel Nails Color Bubble Pink 102

Professional Decorative Gel Nails Color photo-curing which is covering, with medium viscosity characterised by the excellent adhesion and the impressive chromatic formulation, unique of its kind. This uv Gel Nails Color is universal in adapting practically to all types of nails and makings, both applied as french that to the whole Nail. The coloring gives the nail a nice shiny effect that will impress even the most demanding customers. *If you opt for the use in French we remind you that this product has to be coated before the Builder Gel directly on the natural nail. Once applied the Gel Nails Color on the nail surface expose it for 2 minutes to UV light in the lamp 36 Watts. Proceed with the removal of the sticky layer of dispersion from the nail, using a pressed cotton soaked in Nail Cleaner Pics Nails. *If you opt for the choice of the use of this Gel Nails Color to the whole nail, we remind you that the product may be applied in more coats according to the desired effect and intensity, always with exposures in the lamp for 2 minutes and subsequently to the Builder Gel modelling. Then conclude with the application of Sealant UV Gel and the related laying times in UV lamp. For the darker colorations of Gel Nails Colors it is suggested an exposure in lamp for 4 minutes. Polymerization times in lamp of 36 Watts: 2/4 MINUTES Gel Nails Color Package: 5 ml Jar Product Density: LOW

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