Nail Spots: How ro recognise a Mildew on Nails?

Nails Spots: We often meet new Customers who are worried by episodes of "Mildew" on their Nails.
Yes, Mildew: so it is commonly called that little spot on the nail surface that much alarms who find this bad surprise in the Removal Step of their Nails Extension!


Why does it happen? What is it?

It is good to clarify: Mildew is visible like a Nail Spot (characterised by variable sizes and a variable colour, from white to various shades of green) and it is the result of a proliferation of bacteria that have found their ideal environment on the Nail for various reasons, such as the presence of moisture.
These bacteria - called Pseudomonas Bacteria – spread out quickly precisely in the presence of moisture and heat: imagine then the case wherein a Nails Extension has not been carried out correctly…the creation of Air Bubbles and Detachments of the Gel Nails would cause an air infiltraiton (or water) that would create moisture and, therefore, favorable conditions for the development of these bacteria.As for the Onychomycosis, even in the case of a Mildew on the Nail the first evaluation to be done is the seriousness of the situation: even the Mildew can in fact be circumscribed to a surface area (between the natural nail surface and artificial or gel nail) or can concern a deepest area as in cases where the Nail Surface is detached from its Nail Bed (Onycholysis).

In the first case, as we said, the cause can be easily found in the Nails Extension itself: following the correct methodologies and use Professional Nail Products is fundamental…also for this reason!

Here, therefore, the importance of some fundamental working Steps for a correct and safe Nails Extension: the Phase of Preparation of the Natural Nail, for example, is an indispensable Step for uniformly preparing and roughening the Nail surface and to favour, in this way, a complete cohesion of the Nail Products that we will use!

We want therefore to underline that the use of Professional and Specific Nail Supplies is essential also to avoid this type of problem: the Stone Nail File for Preparation, in the first place, which allows to perfectly matte the natural nail, the Nail Primer - that with its alcoholic base helps "dehydrating" the nail surface before the application of the Gel Nails - and the Nail Cleaner that contributes to the evaporation of the water present on the Nail, drying it perfectly and avoiding the formation of wet areas.

To avoid problems of this kind, we recommend the Reading of the Gel Nail Tutorial Pics Nails, where you can discover all the phases of a correct working methodology and the needed Professional Nail Products!


What to do in case of presence of a Midew on the Nail?

Many of You ask us this question, a little worried by the presence of that Nail Spot…so here is some useful advice!
If we are in the presence of a case of Surface Mildew (between Natural nail and artificial/gel nail) it will be necessary to remove the Nails Extension and the Gel Nails to analyse the problem and proceed with the aid of a Nail Buffer to gently clean away the most exterior Nail Spot; at this point you can use some square of cotton pads with chlorine-based disinfectantor other products with sodium hypochlorite to disinfect the area.

Our advice, arrived at this point, is to avoid a new making in the immediate future; they will be sufficient one or two weeks to consider the situation and possibly proceed with a new Gel Nails Extension!


If, instead, we are in front of a more problematic case of Onycholysis - as in the picture here next - where the Nail “detaches” from the Nail Bed causing the presence of moisture and the entry of micro-organisms that are harmful for the health of the Nail, our Advice is obviously to consult your Doctor.

In fact, He will be the one to evaluate the most your case and the possible need of an antibacterial or antibiotic therapy.

Anyway, in all cases our first advice is always to entrust on Expert Nail Technicians, able to carry out your Nails Extension in complete safety and with the correct Nail Products!!!!

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